Our vision for the future

"For the River Tay to be known as a healthy river, with abundant salmon and trout stocks, free from pollution, invasive species and in harmony with its environment, including agriculture, forestry, industry and centres of population."

To meet this vision, the TGA will engage with partner organisations from all walks of life and will stand strongly against issues which adversely affect the river

Membership – membership is open to members of organisations and the general public who feel they have something to offer the Association and can help meet the Association objectives. To join, contact the Association Secretary and include a short CV and describe how you can contribute to the Association. Your application will be voted on at Committee and you will be informed immediately. Annual subscriptions are £10, payable after confirmation of membership.



Chairman – Cohn O’Dea   - chair@tayghillies.co.uk

Vice-Chairman – Colin McFadzean  - vicechair@tayghillies.co.uk

Secretary  – John Ross – sec@tayghillies.co.uk

Treasurer – Emily Black – treasurer@tayghillies.co.uk

Ordinary Members 

George McInnes