Caring for the River Tay

"Protecting, promoting, preserving for generations" 

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Defending the Tay and upholding the rights of everyone connected to it

The Tay Ghillies Association (TGA) has been a registered charity for over 20 years and has been focussed, until recently , on the fishing beats of the River Tay and providing anglers from all over the world with hospitality, knowledge and comradeship on their fishing beats (and the chance of catching an Atlantic Salmon!). However, times are changing and the iconic Atlantic Salmon and our beloved River Tay, its tributaries and its catchment area are coming under more and more pressures from climate change, increasing population, predation and water abstraction for hydro schemes and agriculture. The TGA decided, in early 2020, to reinvent itself by broadening its membership base and become a voice which will be heard, and listened to, when defending the Tay and upholding the rights of everyone connected to it.

The objectives of the Association are to promote the conservation and preservation of the Atlantic Salmon in the River Tay system for the benefit of all anglers, businesses, tourists, river proprietors and local people. To meet these objectives the Association will help fund specific salmon and environmental projects as well as raising river-related issues with the appropriate organisations.


Membership is open to all ghillies in the overall Tay system, riparian owners, land agents, angling club representatives, and members of organisations who have an interest in the Atlantic salmon, the River Tay and the countryside and environment within the Tay system.

If you feel you could contribute to our goals by becoming a member please contact our secretary at or fill in the form on our contact us page.

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